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Ikaho Onsen is a famous Japanese hot spring with a long history.

Ikaho Onsen is on the eastern slope of the Haruna mountain in Gunma prefecture and is very famous as a stone steps city.

The history of the town is old and has over 1000 years.

In Manyoshu, the oldest song collection in Japan, there is a Japanese poetry sung about Ikaho.

This is a card of Karuta,traditional Japanese playing cards.

About four hundred years ago, hot water was transported from the Onsen source using the slope of the mountain, a stone stairway on the duct through which hot water flows, and hot spring inns on the left and right of it were built.

It is said that it was Japan's first hot spring resort city plan.

There is a traditional shrine on the slope.

Ikaho has a famous hot spring open-air bath, and there is also a long-standing communal bathhouse loved by people.

It is the entrance to the hot spring open-air bath.

This is the long-standing communal bathhouse.

Why do not you enjoy yourself with a wonderful hot spring and historical Japanese hot-spring culture at the stone steps town of Ikaho Onsen.

This is a traditional Japanese style game hall at an Onsen resort.

This is an onsen manju shop.

Care taxi sky blue will take you to Ikaho Onsen !



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