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Why do not you try challenging Kusatsu Onsen!

Do you know Kusatsu Onsen which is a famous Japanese hot springs?

Kusatsu Onsen is the best hot spring in the famous hot springs, and wins the rank of the Yokozuna in the hot springs of Japan.

Kusatsu Onsen has various effects, and you can enjoy the relaxed mood.

Please try and experience the benefits from nature of Kusatsu Onsen!

In Kusatsu Onsen, “Kusatsu Triple Hot Spring Tour” is very popular.

Kusatsu Triple Hot Spring refers to the following three wonderful hot springs.

1. Goza no yu

2. Ohtaki no yu

3. Kawahara Rotenburo

If you are going through these three hot springs, it would be better to purchase "Triple Hot Spring Tour Pass".

You can receive Discounts from regular bathing rates.

In addition, you can get "Triple Hot Spring Tour Certificate" by visiting three hot springs!

Why do not you try fresh experiences like reborn at Kusatsu hot springs!

To the Kusatsu hot spring, care taxi Blue Sky will help you.



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