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About Care Taxi Blue Sky

Care Taxi Blue Sky will guide you from the Narita airport or Haneda airport to the destination of your choice.

Taxi vehicle is a Wheelchair accessible vehicle.

As a daily work of Care Taxi Blue Sky, when there is no schedule of traveling, participation in a going out requiring assistance and attendance, visiting a hospital, moving to and from a hospital, moving to a nursing home, shopping, visiting a grave and ceremonial occasion , "Care Taxi Blue Sky" is used.

Since the driver has acquired Care Taxi license and caregiver qualifications, please do not hesitate to consult with us for assistance and accompanying at the time of travel.

​The driver can speak English and Polish !

The name of the driver who will guide you is Masato Takeuchi.

If you use "Care Taxi Blue Sky", a professional driver with helper qualification will help you realize your wishes.


The type of taxi car we will guide is Toyota Hiace which allows you to get in the wheelchair as it is, so the movement is also very easy and smooth.

At Hiace, up to 2 wheelchairs and 7 rides are possible.

However, if you have large luggages such as suitcases, you need a space to put the luggages, so the number of people you can ride will be less.

Because the car is a nursing-care taxi specification, you can get in with the wheelchair as it is comfortable.

In addition, we can correspond with the driver accompanying at the tourist spot.

For example, you can respond to travels over several days, such as three nights and four nights in Nikko sightseeing.

The destination will meet your request.

Of course it is also possible to guide you from the Narita airport to the spa area where you can see the snow monkey in Nagano prefecture.

We will give you a quotation in advance,

so please feel free to contact us.

+81 80-3526-1904

Person in Charge : Masato Takeuchi

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