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Do you know "Rice field art"?

As you know, in Japan many farmers raise Japanese rice.

And there are many rural sceneries in Japan.

"Rice field art" is to make a picture with rice planted in a rice field.

Changing the type of rice planted in a rice field, various color differences are made.

"Rice field Art" can be seen in several places in Japan, but in Saitama Prefecture, "rice field art" in Gyoda City is famous.

The "rice field art" of Gyoda City has a history of over 10 years already.

Pictures have been drawn with various themes so far.

The theme of this year is "Great Wings and Landscapes of Nazca"

This is the situation of July 20, 2018.

In the future, the condylar beaks, nails, heads etc. will be colorfully colored.

By the way, the completion schedule is like this.

You can overlook "rice field art" of Gyoda City from the observation deck of the adjacent park.

Why do not you look at Japanese "rice field art" directly in the field?

The Observatory Tower where you can see "rice field art" is a universal design facility.

You can also go up to the observatory in the sky with a lift while sitting on the wheelchair.

There is enough space in the observation deck, and you can move in the wheelchair.

As you can see in the picture, even if someone is watching "rice field art", you can go through behind them while you are on a wheelchair.

The best time to see the beautiful "rice field art" is in August.

If you would like to see Gyoda's "rice field art",

please do not hesitate to ask "Care Taxi Blue Sky" !



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