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Wonderful Ghibli Museum !

Recently, I went to the Ghibli Museum with customers under the blue sky.

Tickets have a designated entry time and were obtained online in advance, but after all Ghibli Museum! Many foreign customers from all over the world were waiting for the opening hours.

But anyway, the Ghibli Museum is wonderful.

I visited with a wheelchair customer, there was a staircase that went down as soon as we entered the museum.

The elevator was not a usal one, but it was a wonderful way to enjoy the atmosphere of the Ghibli Museum.

There is a movie theater showing original movies.

There are also places where you can enjoy various things such as a museum about Ghibli film, a corner where you can play with a NEKO bus, a souvenir shop with original goods, and a cafe.

What impressed me was the original movie screened at the cinema.

There are two short movies for about 12 minutes each, the second movie was enjoyable and impressive just with video without japanese narration!

That is why, foreign customers who do not understand Japanese are also very satisfied and can enjoy the movie.

Unfortunately, there is no photo of inside of Ghibli Museum because there is a rule that you can't take photos inside the museum.

But on the rooftop, it is allowed to take photos, and I was able to take photos.

The robot soldier of "Castle in the Sky Laputa" that stand behind.

It is life-size and stands on the rooftop of the Ghibli Museum.

There is a paid car park in the immediate vicinity of the Ghibli Museum and there is a space for wheelchair users.

Of course, there is a universal toilet in the Ghibli Museum, and there is nothing wrong with moving in the wheelchair.

Unfortunately, you can not go up to the rooftop with a wheelchair.

Therefore, for those who can not climb the spiral staircase, the staff bring us an album that shot the rooftop.

The staff of museum are very kind!

If you would like to go to the Ghibli Museum, please feel free to contact us.





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