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Travels in April and May.

Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Ashikaga Flower Park, Nikko Edo Wonderland were popular in the travel of April and May this year.

(Nikko Edo Wonderland)

I have enjoyed the beautiful Japanese landscape and nature together with travelers from overseas!

(Nikko Ryuzu waterfall)

Since I bought a self-shooting stick this time, let's introduce a little the sights with self-taken photographs.

First is Mt. Fuji.

Four times I went to Mt. Fuji 5th station, with luck I could see the whole view of Mt. Fuji at all times.

For sightseeing in Mt. Fuji, the weather is the most important.

If you are planning a 2 day sightseeing schedule, including Mt. Fuji and Hakone, let's adjust the schedule so that you can hit the day with the best weather possible for Mt. Fuji sightseeing.

You can enjoy a ropeway ride in Hakone, cruise of Lake Ashinoko, whatever the weather is.

But for Mt. Fuji sightseeing, you need good weather after all.

Also, Ashika Flower Park is very popular with wisteria flowers,Fuji.

And it is important to visit in a timely time also.

Wisteria flowers,Fuji bloom earlier than usual this year, even at Ashikaga Flower Park earlier bloomed.

This was the same as the flowering of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, and the flowering of Shiba-sakura of Mt. Fuji.

Especially, I think that many people come to Japan to see Japanese cherry blossoms.

This year, cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Tokyo in the end of March, and in the beginning of April they got scattered.

It is a pity that cherry blossoms had already been scattered even though they came to Japan in early April to see the cherry blossoms blooming.

But please do not be discouraged even in such a case.

If you can go to Mount Fuji, you can see the cherry blossoms so that cherry blossoms begin to bloom later than Tokyo, because the altitude is higher in Mt. Fuji.

Even April 22 this year, we were able to see the cherry blossoms in the Japanese village of Mt. Fuji.

Travelers who could come there were also very pleased.

・Mt. Fuji sightseeing will be done on a fine weather day with schedule adjustment.

・When you would like to see Japanese cherry blossoms, when the timing of flowering shifts, Please go to see the cherry blossoms in different places of altitude.

If you can make such adjustments, you will be able to do better sightseeing.

Care Taxi Blue Sky will help you move to Mt. Fuji.



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