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The mountain temple in the countryside.

There are so many mountain temples in Japan, as you know.

Many of the temples are not currently attracting attention from Japanese people nowadays, but have histories of hundreds of years, or more than 1000 years, and have various legends and stories.

There were times when such mountain temple also crowded with many followers and worshipers in the past.

When I visit such a mountain temple, I feel that my thoughts and anxieties that springs up day by day are washed away in the quietness of the temple precinct.

One such mountain temple is “Takedera” located in Hanno-shi, Saitama.

This temple also has a history of more than 1100 years.

Takedera is the meaning of "Bamboo temple".

Like the name, the entrance to the temple is covered with bamboo groves.

You can enjoy walking along the temple's approach.

There is a special "Torii" at the entrance to the main temple of the temple.

As you go up the stairs you will see the main temple.

The atmosphere around the main temple is very divine, and I feel that my heart has been purified.

You can get amulets from this temple and you can also buy souvenirs.

Of course, if you make a reservation you can also eat traditional Japanese vegetarian cuisine.

You can choose soba noodle here, too.

You can enjoy meals in this traditional building.

Why do not you try walking around Japanese mountain temples and trying Japanese vegetarian dishes?

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