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From February 17th to March 21st, "Ume Festival" will be held in Ogose Bairin (plum foest)

Approximately 1000 plums are planted in the plum forest on the site of 2 ha.

Alongside "Kairakuen" in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, "Atami plum garden" in Atami city in Shizuoka prefecture, it is one of three Kanto plum forests.

In addition, as many as 25.000 plums are planted throughout Ogose Town, processed goods such as plum wine and dried plums are sold as town special products.

The best view of Bairin is in late February, it will be in full bloom from 8th bloom.

Almost all plum trees are in full bloom at the beginning of March.

In the garden in which about 1000 plum trees were planted together with red plum and white plum, when the time of full bloom comes, rich flavor of plum will be full around you.

Why do not you enjoy the plum blossoms to let you know the arrival of spring in Japan before the cherry blossoms bloom.

Care taxi Blue Sky will guide you to Ogose Bairin.



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