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Hodosan Shrine listed in Michelin · Green Guide of 2011.

Do you know Hodosan Shrine?

It is a shrine founded about 1900 years ago.

And one of Chichibu three Shrines.

“Hodosan shrine” is written in Japanese as '宝登山神社'.

"宝" is a “treasure”.

"登山" means “mountain-climbing”.

That's right.

This shrine means a “treasure climbing shrine”.

Please visit the shrine that is ranked as a one star in Michelin Green Guide.

There is a ropeway to the summit of the mountain.

There is Okumiya of Hodosan shrine there.

You can also enjoy a small zoo.

In the current season, the scent of wax plum blossoms is wonderful.

In the summer time, you can enjoy the nature with "Nagatoro Line Kudari",

The pier for the “Nagatoro line Kudari” is not so far from the Shrine.

Care Taxi Blue Sky will help you move to the Shrine.



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