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In Chichibu, in particular these three shrines are wonderful.

Chichibu's history is old.

In AD 708, there is a record that Chichibu district to the central government "Natural copper for making coins was donated".

There are three very important shrines in that Chichibu.

This is called "Chichibu Sansya".

I introduce "Chichibu Shrine" which is one of them.

Chichibu Shrine has a history of 2100 years.

The famous "Chichibu Night Festival" is a festival of the Chichibu Shrine and is registered as a UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage.

The shrine in the precincts was donated by the general Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo period.

Historic Chichibu Shrine is also famous as a spiritual power spot recently.

Why do not you go to Chichibu Shrine?



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