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Three Large Ice Pillars in “Chichibu-Ji”

First of all, please look at this picture.


It is beautiful,isn't it?

This is "the ice pillar of Ashikubo" which is one of Chichibu's Three Major Ice Pillars.

It is very cold in the winter of Chichibu district, there are three places where ice pillars can be made, which is called "Chichibu Three Major Ice Pillars".

Light up shows are taking place in night time.

The remaining two are "the ice pillar of Misotuchi" and " the ice pillar of Onouchi".

This picture is a light-up "the ice pillar of Misotuchi".


In addition, this one is a lighted-up figure of "the ice pillar of Onouchi".


Do not you feel that you are in a country of fairies?

If you are in Chichibu, you can also warm your cold body with a nearby natural hot springs after you enjoyed the beautiful ice pillars.

Why do not you enjoy Chichibu's nature?

Care Taxi Blue Sky will help you move to the Chichibu.



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