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Do you know where hot springs in “THRMAE ROMAE II” are located?

The hot springs that appears in “THRMAE ROMAE Ⅱ” are in Gumma Prefecture.

One is the “Kusatsu Onsen” called the Yokozuna of hot springs.

The source of a hot spring called “Yubatake” is in the city center of town.


In addition, the work called “Yumomi” stirs the hot water of the bath with a long plate to lower the temperature of the hot spring.

The hot water show are performed almost every day, and you can visit.



An outdoor bath on the side of a naturally rich river is very attractive.

And the third one is the “Housionsen Choujyukan” with a history of 140 years.


Part of the building is a registered tangible cultural asset of the country.

長寿館 室内風呂

Each hot spring has a long history and also has wonderful hot spring effects.

Why do not you visit the thermal spa town of Gumma Prefecture?

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