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Do you know Chichibu wineries in Saitama Prefecture?

Chichibu has wineries of Japanese wine becoming a boom in the world.

Of course, Yamanashi Prefecture with Mt. Fuji is famous as a wine producing area.

There are also three wineries in Saitama Prefecture.

Among them, l would like to introduce Chichibu Farmers Factory.


At Chichibu Farmers Factory, from the mind that "We would like you to touch the charm and history of wine while having fun", there are experienced facilities that you can enjoy consistently from grape cultivation and winemaking.

Everyone can visit freely.

Also, you can purchase various wines at the direct sales department in the facility.

In addition to standard items, they also sell wine of limited winery and special brewed wines of limited quantity.

You can enjoy your meal with wine at the restaurant.

In this winery, harvest festival will be held on 12th November 2017.


Enjoy the Beaujolais Nouveau tasting of Japanese wine and local dishes are also served.

In addition, there is also a concert by musicians from Chichibu, If you are interested please join us.

Care Taxi Blue Sky will help you move to the winery.



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