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Do you know "Sumo hot spring"?

You guys know about Japanese Sumo, don't you ?

Hot spring resort managed by former Sumo wrestler is in Chichibu, Saitama.

The hot spring accommodation is called Miyamoto-ke · Miyamoto-no-yu.

It is an old private house which refurbished the house of a farmhouse with a history of 200 years.

There is also an outdoor bath where hot springs imagined Kokugikan.

Of course, indoor hot springs are also prepared.

For meals, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine making use of seasonal vegetables and local ingredients.

The building where guests will stay is in a Japanese style that takes advantage of the 200-year history.

Why do not you enjoy Japanese culture at the Onsen Ryokan operated by former Sumo wrestlers.

Care Taxi Blue Sky will help you move to the Chichibu.



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