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A dreamlike hot spring inn, Sekizenkan Ryokan

Do you know the Japanese anime "Spirited Away"?


In animation, the public bath of the gods world is the stage of story.

And that hot spring is real !

There is a hot spring inn which became a model of "Spirited Away".

It is the Sekizenkan Ryokan of Shima hot springs in Gumma prefecture.

積善館 夜

積善館 昼

Do not you feel wonderful ?

This Sekizenkan Ryokan has been open since 1691. This inn has a history of over 300 years.

In that history, many politicians and celebrities stay at this hot spring inn.

Do you not want to stay in this dreamlike hot spring inn?

積善館 温泉

You can take a care taxi Blue sky and go directly from the Narita airport to Shanzenkan Ryokan !



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