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The hot springs that appears in “THRMAE ROMAE Ⅱ” are in Gumma Prefecture.

One is the “Kusatsu Onsen” called the Yokozuna of hot springs.

The source of a hot spring called “Yubatake” is in the city center of town.

In addition, the work called “Yumomi” stirs the hot wate...


A young bathhouse technician in Rome will time trip to modern Japan.

And SF comedy movie whose content is that the technician who is the hero is inspired from Japanese bath culture.

The Onsen that appeared in that movie is "Kita Onsen Ryokan" in Tochigi Prefecture.



Do you know the Japanese anime "Spirited Away"?

In animation, the public bath of the gods world is the stage of story.

And that hot spring is real !

There is a hot spring inn which became a model of "Spirited Away".

It is the Sekizenkan Ryokan of Shima hot springs in Gum...


Speaking of Japan's railroad, Shinkansen is famous.

Also, perhaps, I think some people saw the scenery of the commuter train in the morning that is very crowded.

The train in Japan is mostly electric powered trains, but steam locomotives are still moving on the job.



Do you know "ButamisoDon" in Chichibu ?

"ButamisoDon" is the pork bowl which was seasoned with miso.

Recently, ButamisoDon has become very popular !

Homemade miso sauce pork is all baked with charcoal and cooked.

You can taste the "ButamisoDon" in the restaurant "Nosaka".



Chichibu has wineries of Japanese wine becoming a boom in the world.

Of course, Yamanashi Prefecture with Mt. Fuji is famous as a wine producing area.

There are also three wineries in Saitama Prefecture.

Among them, l would like to introduce Chichibu Farmers Factory.

At Ch...


Have you seen Japanese traditional festival?

Japanese traditional Mikoshi and Festival cars parade make the festival sparkle, many shop opening up the atmosphere of the festival.

The Chichibu night festival has a history of over 300 years and is registered as UNESCO's In...


Buko Onsen is a hot spring of beautiful skin, located along the Yokose River.

There are outdoor onsens surrounded by green and clear stream and spacious inner onsens.

While enjoying the hot springs, you can enjoy beautiful nature.

There is a sauna too.

Also you can take br...


"Mangan no Yu"  in Chichibu.

Its origin is old and has a history since the year AD 824.

At the time, the area was suffering from heavy drought and was suffering great damage.

When the local people prayed with their heart together, a saint appeared and this hot spr...


The northern Kanto area is the designation of the area that refers to the four prefectures of Gunma, Ibaraki, Tochigi Prefecture, or Saitama Prefecture.

Also from Tokyo, if you use the expressway, it is within a distance that you can reach within a couple of hours by c...

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"Mangan no Yu" in Chichibu


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