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Ikaho Onsen is on the eastern slope of the Haruna mountain in Gunma prefecture and is very famous as a stone steps city.

The history of the town is old and has over 1000 years.

In Manyoshu, the oldest song collection in Japan, there is a Japanese poetry sung about Ikaho.



Do you know Kusatsu Onsen which is a famous Japanese hot springs?

Kusatsu Onsen is the best hot spring in the famous hot springs, and wins the rank of the Yokozuna in the hot springs of Japan.

Kusatsu Onsen has various effects, and you can enjoy the relaxed mood.



As you know, in Japan many farmers raise Japanese rice.

And there are many rural sceneries in Japan.

"Rice field art" is to make a picture with rice planted in a rice field.

Changing the type of rice planted in a rice field, various color differences are made.

"Rice fi...


Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Ashikaga Flower Park, Nikko Edo Wonderland were popular in the travel of April and May this year.

(Nikko Edo Wonderland)

I have enjoyed the beautiful Japanese landscape and nature together with travelers from overseas!

 (Nikko Ryuzu waterfall)

Since I...


There are so many mountain temples in Japan, as you know.


Many of the temples are not currently attracting attention from Japanese people nowadays, but have histories of hundreds of years, or more than 1000 years, and have various legends and stories.


There were time...


Approximately 1000 plums are planted in the plum forest on the site of 2 ha.

Alongside "Kairakuen" in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, "Atami plum garden" in Atami city in Shizuoka prefecture, it is one of three Kanto plum forests.

In addition, as many as 25.000 plums are...


You guys know about Japanese Sumo, don't you ?

Hot spring resort managed by former Sumo wrestler is in Chichibu, Saitama.

The hot spring accommodation is called Miyamoto-ke · Miyamoto-no-yu.

It is an old private house which refurbished the house of a farmhouse with a hist...


Do you know Hodosan Shrine?

It is a shrine founded about 1900 years ago.

And one of Chichibu three Shrines.

“Hodosan shrine” is written in Japanese as '宝登山神社'.

"宝" is a “treasure”.

"登山" means “mountain-climbing”.

That's right.

This shrine means a “treasure climbing shr...


Chichibu's history is old.

In AD 708, there is a record that Chichibu district to the central government "Natural copper for making coins was donated".

There are three very important shrines in that Chichibu.

This is called "Chichibu Sansya".

I introduce "Chichibu Shri...


First of all, please look at this picture.

It is beautiful,isn't it?

This is "the ice pillar of Ashikubo" which is one of Chichibu's Three Major Ice Pillars.

It is very cold in the winter of Chichibu district, there are three places where ice pillars can be made, which is...

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"Mangan no Yu" in Chichibu


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